The linen tablecloth: A very special tablecloth

The Cases & More linen tablecloth

Linen tablecloths have a natural beauty that gives them a clear timeless appeal. When it comes to table decoration, the linen tablecloth is the ultimate king, offering a sophisticated yet understated background for any occasion.

In this article, we explore the art of decorating your table using linen in its tablecloth, napkin, or placemat form, in order to provide you with ideas on how you can enjoy your table with this exquisite fabric.

The Cases & More linen tablecloth: a safe bet

Linen has been a highly desired choice for table decoration. Unlike synthetic fabrics, linen is woven from fibers of the flax plant, giving it a unique combination of durability and softness. Its natural drape adds a very personal touch to any table, making it the perfect choice for chic events.

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The versatility of linen tablecloths

The centerpiece of table decoration is the tablecloth, and the collection of linen tablecloths offered by Cases & More is truly unique in terms of color and finish. Additionally, we have double-width linen fabrics available in many colors.

At Cases & More, we naturally offer the classic white linen tablecloth as well as the natural toasted one. We cannot fail to mention our “night” linen tablecloth, in black, which adds great sophistication and when combined with dim or subtle lighting, creates a unique atmosphere for evenings with friends.

At Cases & More, we have no limits, and we are constantly innovating and seeking new options in linen tablecloths that can surprise and enchant you.

And to complete the table decoration, Cases & More has the ideal accessories for your linen tablecloth. The linen napkin is particularly simple yet elegant, adding a touch of refinement to any table.

You can opt for linen napkins in a color matching your tablecloth, or you can combine different tones and fabrics for a more striking effect. The same goes for linen placemat covers. The transformation capacity of your table is tremendously surprising by complementing the linen tablecloth with linen placemat covers in another color. This way, you can create a table that fits into the overall context of your dining room or the atmosphere of your home.

Linen is the perfect canvas to create your own masterpiece on the table.

Articles in Linen from Cases & More

Linen Tablecloths: At Cases & More, we have linen tablecloths available in a variety of colors and textures to unleash creativity on your table.

Linen Napkins: Being smaller in size, linen napkins allow us to play with endless combinations. It all depends on you. The linen napkin can create a flatter, less contrasting effect if chosen in the same tone as the linen tablecloth; or create a higher contrast effect with the intention of integrating the tableware or glassware into the color scheme.

At Cases & More, you can find linen napkins in various sizes, from cocktail format (20×20) to table model in several sizes, standard (40×40), medium (45×45), and banquet model (50×50).

Linen Placemat Covers: Just like napkins, linen placemat covers are a transformative element for the look of your table. It’s truly surprising how with so little, it’s possible to create the illusion of a new table.

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