How to shop

No, to buy at you do not need to register with us, although you will save time if you do so when you buy with us again.

If you have forgotten your password, you just have to go to the MY ACCOUNT icon and click on ‘I have forgotten my password’. The system will automatically send you a new one.

To make a purchase on this website, you have to first browse the products that interest you, for example by clicking on COLLECTIONS, and once on the page of each product, you must click the ADD TO CART button. To finish and pay, you have to click on the shopping cart icon at the top right of your screen, and complete the purchase process by entering your shipping and payment information.

To purchase custom made tablecloth or napkins, please contact us.

Yes, if so you prefer, you can call us and tell us what product you are interested in to make a purchase by paying online, or in cash.

If the order has already been sent, we cannot change it. If it has not been sent, you can call us or contact us by email to explain your situation.

Pricing & payment

At this time our system only accepts payments in Euros. If your card is from outside the European Community, you can also make payments on this website, and your entity will automatically change your currency to Euros.

At the time of making the purchase, the system will check that there are sufficient funds on your card. If so, a reserve of said funds will already be made for the total value of your order, which will be executed between one and two business days after making the purchase, depending on your entity.

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Yes. Cases & More uses SSL encryption so that any type of personal information that is necessarily registered on this website in order to carry out the purchase, is completely private and confidential.